Saturday, March 31, 2012

Some More Havaii

Had thy GREATEST day today in hawaii. sorry for crappy iPhone pictures but anyways i got some hook up in hawaii (friends) and got to take me and my friends on this trilogy boat ride thing all day long thats usually super expensive. so tired. excited for more great days in hawaii. i literally have only worn high waisted shorts all trip and bathing suits. The only reason why i could never live in hawaii is because i love fashion to much. you look really weird walking around if your all dressed up because no one ever dresses up.....

(bathing suit-VIX shorts-mink pink, top-sabo skirt

Thursday, March 29, 2012

wish list; UNIF

i need everything UNIF. you could call it an obsession. who's feeling generous?? ill love you forever :))))

Day n Night

work and avicii. that mah good friend diana ^.^ love her

Hawaii 5-0

(top-one teaspoon, shorts and hat-UO, sunglasses-nastygal
Cloudy day today so i thought id take some photos for my new blawg ^.^


This was taken at the beginning of fall this year. Im in hawaii right now and its cloudy out so i decided to make this fashion blog. Ive been meaning to make one but haven't had time with school and work. So I'm uploading photos from the recent past....if that makes any sense.

Inspiration Diary

Erin Wasson is a huge inspiration to my style. i love her odd sense of fashion and her "don't give a fuck" attitude. She does what she wants and believes in what she wants. She has many little tattoos all over her body just like me so that also makes her that much more desirable for me. Im currently in hawaii making this blog and she actually has a house in hawaii and says she goes and stays here like every month or something like that because she feels it is necessary for her soul.....i couldn't agree more with her. These rings are few of many jewelry pieces in her Low Luv line. I wish i could afford everything :( 

waist highs and thigh highs

(jacket-aritzia, scarf earrings and socks-urban outfitters, shorts-mink pink, platforms-jeffery campbell)
This shoot i did with Nathan King, a friend of mine, just for shits n gigs. It was hard not to have a cold look on my face, for it was freezing cold. Overall i think the photos turned out nicely!

Skeletor leggings

leggings- blackmilkclothing top-cheap monday