Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ive done it again

i look like i have to poop, but at least my creepers look good. (OooOoOoo plastic on my arm you know what that means.) I've done it again

Monday, April 23, 2012

Pink Roots

Jewelry, pink hair, and skateboards is love. Ph. Luv AJ accessories, Fashion Gone Rogue

Pure Genius

Available in 3 different languages - German, 

English & French, and will be available from 

Autumn 2012, at a cost of €550.

Night Creeper

yayyy got my 2 pairs of creepers in da mail. i am in love with these shoes, even though I'm a little late to lunch, i had to have a couple pairs. i <3 EBAY ohhh dats my boyfran btw. he's cute.

Monday, April 16, 2012

i can resist everything except temptation

I am someone that needs drastic change constantly in my life to keep my sanity. something new to be excited about. i love standing out and being noticed...not in a conceded way of course. decided to go pink. this pink you see is just spray in, i hate to test the water before jumping in. not that i was afraid to dye half my head pink, but to know if i could keep my job or not....still haven't received the text back from my boss and my box of pink hair dye in my bathroom is getting pretty antsy.
Also got the shirt and skirt today from H&M. My store operations class had a field trip to the U-Village and i arrived early and decided to do what i do best.....discovered i dislike H&M, these were literally the last items i looked at and the first to like.
(collar-saboskirt, cuffs-asos, shirt and skirt-H&M, watch-michael kors, shoes-jeffery campbells, sunglasses-raybands)